Next Adventure -> Thailand

It has been well over a year since my last post. With a move, a wedding, and some travels scattered amongst working days I haven’t made much time for writing and working on this program. As a step towards launching Language for Life in our new area I have decided to try my hand at writing again.

Last fall we spent 6 weeks traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia. It was an amazing trip but the planning was somewhat last minute and with only a little over a month to learn some of the local languages, I didn’t have much time to prepare. This year we have decided to visit Thailand and Laos and I thought this would be a good forum to share some of the struggles and success through the language learning process.

A lot of people say that you must have a gift or a special talent for learning different languages but the fact of the matter is; it takes time, motivation, and dedication. With the excitement of our next adventure on the horizon I have the motivation – It is a matter of making the time and staying disciplined to reach my goals. Over the coming months I will try to compile some of the resources I am using and share the challenges and breakthroughs that come along with learning a new language. If you have had any experience with Thai or have any suggestions I would love to hear from you!


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