Welcome to Language for Life

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Language for Life!

The intent of this website is two fold.

To build community involvement and promote volunteerism through language and culture.

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world.  As we age and cultures continue to merge together it can be difficult to maintain ties to our heritage and native language.  Often as the elderly enter assisted living facilities they lose access to the community of people that help root them to their culture.  Maintaining a strong cultural connection through language as we enter the later stages of life has many benefits.  Primarily, the regular use of a second language has been shown to delay the onset of age related memory disease by up to 4 years. Additionally, sharing culture, customs, and traditions through language with a younger generation helps to promote empathy, tolerance, and understanding across both generations.

Not only do older adults directly benefit from the regular use of a second language but volunteers and language learners will have access to native speakers through whom they will be able to practice reading, writing, and speaking their target language.  This can be an invaluable resource when trying to build fluency in a new language.

To provide a space for language learning resources and information sharing for those interested in practicing or starting to learn a second language.

Learning a new language can easily seem overwhelming in the beginning.  There is an endless availability of websites, programs and books that all claim to teach you to speak in record time.  But which are most effective? How can you incorporate language learning into your daily life? This website will provide resources, tips, and reviews on some of the methods and materials currently available.