French Resources – Audio / Visual


You tube is probably now one of the best places to go for free language learning resources.  If you are stuck on a grammar point, having difficulty with pronunciation, or want to hear how the language is used in a real world setting, YouTube has it all.  Below are some channels that you may find useful for learning French.

Parapluie French:

Basic but well organized channel with a ton of explanations ranging from grammar to specific verbs.  There are also some longer videos aimed at improving your listening comprehension that are quite useful.  Great resource if you have a specific topic you need clarification on or just want a general refresher on some of the more difficult grammar points.  Content updates do seem to have slowed down a little so new content may not appear regularly.
Parapluie French

Easy Languages – French:

This channel is really amazing.  They produce tons of content on a regular basis in many languages.  They are set in a variety of French speaking countries so you get a feel for different accents and are always discussing new and current topics with everyday speakers.  Although it may seem overwhelming at first as the speakers do not adjust their speed or vocabulary for a beginner, these videos are a great way to learn the pace, inflections, and rhythm of the French language. They also have a collection of “super easy” videos which are more suited to beginners.  Another great feature of these videos is that they all include subtitles in both languages which helps you to follow along. Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.54.26 PM.png

Damon and Jo:

This is a fun channel run by two high energy and positive friends who love travel and languages.  The instructional videos have slowed down a bit but they still produce content in French every Friday.  The earlier instructional videos break down some of the more commonly encountered problems in a really fun and light hearted way but you may have to go back a little ways to find them.  If you don’t learn anything from their teaching style you will at least have a laugh!  If you want some practice with listening comprehension, their more recent videos are done in French and usually discuss topics like food, travel, and daily life.

Damon and Jo

Français avec Pierre:

This is a great channel with a lot of videos talking about various grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary topics.  The videos are well organized and you can choose which subject you would like to browse through.  There is a lot of content geared towards beginners and pronunciation which will help you build confidence as you progress through your learning.

Francais avec Pierre

Pimsleur Audio Courses:

Pimsleur AudioPimsleur audio course have been around for many years making them one of the more trusted and reputable audio courses available.  Their systematic approach and gradual introduction of vocabulary and concepts are quite effective for a lot of people.  Audio courses are a great supplement to your language learning routine as it affords you the ability to study almost anywhere.  Long commutes to work in the care or on the train can be filled with audio lessons to help you learn and improve quickly.  Although some courses can be a bit expensive, you can often find introductory courses via CD on amazon for as little as $50.  Also check your local library to see if they stock a course for you to borrow.  The Pimsleur method uses science and research to introduce and review concepts at appropriate times to ensure that what you learn is transferred to your long term memory allowing you to progress at a steady rate.

Michel Thomas Audio Courses:

Michel-ThomasThe Michel Thomas series is another highly respected audio course that offers a range of products for each level.  Although they only offer their courses in about 12 languages, they present the information in a unique way that many find very useful.  The Michel Thomas method puts you, as a third student, in an imaginary class.  You will learn alongside two other students who will pause and make mistakes at a lot of the same points you will.  What makes this particularly useful is that you have the ability to participate in real time with the speakers as part of a group.  This helps your brain assimilate information as part of an experience and not just simply listening to audio.  We are more likely to remember pieces of information if our brain has context to store it in.  The Michel Thomas courses do an excellent job of gradually introducing and reintroducing these pieces of information in a contextually relevant manner.  Some of the courses can be expensive, but again, check your local library or used bookstore for copies.


Podcasts are an amazing way to help you learn a language.  You can listen to them anywhere and they help you familiarise yourself with the sounds, tones, and rhythm of the language.  Additionally you can often learn about current events, cultural points and idioms and expressions that you can’t get from audio courses.  If you have some knowledge of a language already you can quickly acquire new vocabulary and grammar points and if you have no knowledge of a language, you can often reduce the speed of the podcast to hear clearly the pronunciation of each word.  Be patient and with time you will be surprised on how much you understand!


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