5 Reasons you should learn a new language

Learning another language has so many benefits and although it often requires dedication and hard work; the rewards are well worth the effort!

Here are 5 quick reasons you should consider learning another language:

1. See the world!

Travel is incredibly rewarding and nothing connects you better with locals than speaking their language.  Making friends and travel buddies abroad is easier when you can immediately break the ice by saying a few words in their native language.

Avoiding scams is always high on any travellers radar and being able to speak even a little of the local’s language will make it less likely someone will be able to take advantage of you.

2. Get a job!

The world is no longer as isolated as it was even as recent as 20 years ago.  Businesses now are expanding and reaching global markets more often than not.  Even for small businesses the ability to interact with clients in their language can make all the difference!

In North America it seems that everyone nowadays has a University degree.  They seem to be losing their value with regards to job acquisitions.  Being able to speak another language is a great way to make yourself standout from the crowd.

3. Connect with family!

Getting in touch with your heritage or being able to speak to your grandparents in their native language is something you only have one chance to do.  Maybe you grew up hearing your grandparents and parents speaking to each other, maybe you can understand most of what is said but can’t speak when you want to.  Learning another language can connect you to your family and heritage in a unique and fulfilling way.

4. Keep your brain healthy!

Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between speaking another language and brain health.  In fact, speaking more than one language has been shown to delay the onset of memory decline by up to 4 years.  Additionally, increases in focus, decision making, and critical thinking have all been linked to speaking more than one language.

5. Have fun!

Listening to music and watching television can be a great way to relax and unwind but there are so many more great songs or shows available if you speak another language.  Wouldn’t it be great to understand that argument on Narcos or, unlike Justin Bieber, actually know the lyrics to Despacito.  Being able to understand and speak another language is a fun way to enjoy some of your favourite things in a new way.

Going to a authentic restaurant for your favourite dinner is always enjoyable.  Next time try ordering or conversing with staff in their language not only will you get a big confidence boost but more often than not you may get some free food! People love sharing their food and culture and speaking their language shows your are as enthusiastic about it as they are.


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